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eBay seller - Fiat Abarth bodyshell not as described

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Mods please delete if deemed not correct.

For the first time in my eBay buying experiences (well over a decade) I feel i need to warm regrading an experience of a seller.

I recently purchased the following body shell bought on eBay was subsequently returned in less than 24hrs due to the severity of damage & lack of any description of damage! I'm only posting this here so if anyone else sees this online they know exactly what they are getting into.


And the below pictures show what actually turned up - Split, held together rivets & filler, missing the engine, all of windows cut out & filled with thin polycarb  that was falling out + horrendously painted on the outside. The pictures on this particular listing now look to have been taken very badly & at specific angles to mask all of the issues... As they say buyer beware! 

Now the return request was made within 1hr of receiving the item in the post, & returned via ebays return service.

Now the seller upon receipt of receiving the item back in the same wrapping & box that it was received in, then tried to raise a counter claim against me saying that I’d damaged the shell & only issued a 50% refund. 

After then contacted eBay to discuss the decision they reviewed all of the info & photos included with the returns request & confirmed that their decision to close the case in the sellers favour with a 50% settlement was incorrect - It actually turns out this shell has been sold before & returned for the same reason & eBay are now looking into the seller due to the issue raised. The decision was immediate reversed & a 100% refund issued to me.

If you are looking at buying this bodyshell make an informed decision based on my pics (more available if required), the seller is also selling other Tamiya items on eBay so please excercise caution when purchasing as my find yourself in a similar situation for a lot more money.

48131910882_fddd5d6bdb_b.jpg 48131910952_467d57538e_b.jpg 48131848623_c8f195e875_b.jpg 48131842856_2cf4eb7ba4_b.jpg 48131870433_4f88ddebd8_b.jpg 


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Great you got your money back and the seller should have had pictures of the underside. But I must say it doesn't look all that good in the original listing either.

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