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Clodbuster Axles - Long and Short

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I have stripped down the gearboxes on an original clod and have given everything a good cleaning. The axles are confusing me, I looked at my Super Clod and don't see the same issues I'm having with these "originals".

Is there any difference between the long and short axles aside from the protrusion of the smaller shaft the diff gear sits on?  (should the small shaft be easily removeable? When i disassembled both gear boxes, it was easily removed from both axles)

I have been messing with these things for about 3 hours now. No matter where I move them nothing seems to improve. I've never run into this before.


One gearbox ends up like this (both axles, perfect):





The other ends up like this (both axles):



Any suggestions other than an extra shim or two?






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28 minutes ago, Super Clodbuster Junkie said:

I think you've already done this, but have you tried switching places of the left and right axles?

Yeah, figured out the issue.

The axle tube originals (e part) are shorter than the new ones. So I'm replacing all of them with the new ones.









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