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Falcon shock towers

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I recently acquired a falcon which had damaged rear shock towers, cracked part held together with zipties and general fatigued old plastic. This is a relatively simple part to reproduce and so I have made aluminium versions! 


Original plastic, CNC milled 6061 aluminium and black anodized from left to right.


Honestly they work super well and I'm really pleased with them.  I think you won't be able to tell the difference with the black ones. They're tapped for M3 so there's no need to put a nut on the other side which makes getting the body on a bit easier.



Super professional and serious video below:

This was more of a fun project than a money maker but if anyone else is interested I made additional ones. £35 for a set of anodised ones Inc fasteners and UK postage. 

PS I read through the rules for this forum and although it is obviously designed to fit and look like a Tamiya part I think I'm okay with fair use?


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