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Davy Crockett

Tamiya CC01 Land Rover Discovery LR3 ver3.5

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I started the scale/trail side of the hobby 7 years ago after reading a forum post and met some blokes in the woods at Black Rocks :rofl:

Think some are still lurking around???......


Anyway, the CC01 was my 1st scale rig and although I have more capable and advanced kits, I have kept it and use it every now and then.


Its sat on the shelf for last 12 months and suffered a few cuts and bruises on its last run so I set about a refurb....


I have made new body mounts, rear suspension links, new prop shaft (FTX Outlaw) and refurbed the electrics.

Also fitted new wheels and tyres (not sure these will stay)






Shell has suffered rock scrapes and the like, some damage and split in a couple of places,

all bits stripped off ready for sanding and repairs






Mounted up...




I decided on Mazda Eternal Red for the colour

Image result for a3e mazda


After spraying wasn't happy and stripped and primed the shell again...…...



Shell painted in the revised colour and its...…. LOUD!! 




Ford ST Electric Orange 






Not sure that the pics show it too well but I have cut the roofrack to have the lightbar sit more flush. Also, still not convinced with the wheels




Minor works to front end and few decals added


LEDs in and wired up, 2 micro toggle switches to switch lights and lightbar separately - wired so lightbar works only when LEDs are on.









Well, I think that's almost done. just a few scale items to print and add to roof rack.


Thanks for looking :thumbsup:




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I like that.  Very scale look.  The wheels look right for the shell too, but it's your rig :)

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4 hours ago, Only4Fun said:

Your LR3 looks great, but I think I may just about Out Loud you with mine :D  (FTX Outback V2 chassis)




Hi Derek!!

Good to see the Disco in action... 

Having painted both yours and mine... No yours doesn't out-loud mine :D

Good to see yours in action, hope all ok :)

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@Davy Crockett  Hi Davy :D   lol good point my friend. I can't argue with that 👍😄👍 

To be honest I didn't see your name at the side of the thread. I feel like a bit of a chump now lol 😄😄😄

Hope you enjoyed my video. The LR3 is running like a champ. I'm extremely happy with it. :)

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Both the Electric Orange and yellow rigs are lovely! What shells are they?

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That looks great - I love all the small stickers on the rear panels and window, very scale!

What I particularly like is that you've wired the lights to be switched independently - that is something I've been considering now for a couple of my builds (which have a lot of lights) to save the battery power for running - the toggles are a great and simple idea, and nicely hidden in the roof-rack on this build.



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