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For Sale - Various TRF parts

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Hi all.

Had a bit of a clear out of my shed and have the following TRF parts 

Tamiya #53921 - TRF415 Front Aluminum Ball Differential Joint
Built and used only once.
Comes with spare diff rings, blades and nut holders.
Also includes a few diff screws as original seemed a bit too long.
£20 Price includes postage to UK

Tamiya TRF 417 Centre Pulley/Spur Holder & Front Spool
Centre pulley comes with 64dp 96t spur
Items are used but in good condition.
£30 Price includes postage to UK

Brand new Tamiya (171t) & (61t) and VSS (169t) Belts
Packets have been opened and re-sealed with no use.
Tamiya 419 Front Belt (171t) £9
Tamiya 419 Rear Belt (61t) £7
VSS FRont Belt (169t) £9
or £23 for all 3 including postage
add £1.50 if buying individually

Many thanks


419 Front.jpg

419 Rear.jpg

2019-07-14 12.35.21.jpg

2019-07-14 12.35.45.jpg

2019-07-14 12.36.12.jpg

2019-07-14 12.36.49.jpg

2019-07-14 12.37.33.jpg

2019-07-19 14.00.23.jpg


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