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Kiwi Squadron. 

None flies, but 4 are delicious.    


Taxing out. 




I don't even know if my air brush still works.  

I couldn't even find anything bigger than "0" brush.  I basically hand-painted the whole thing with a needle brush.  Brush strokes are quite evident on close up.  (The darker color is XF66, lighter color just has some white mixed to FX66).  

I had a blast building the silly thing. 



It's Hasegawa Egg Plane series, F-15.

Decals (not stickers) include both Japanese and American versions.  



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Rubbish. Anyone from NZ will tell you kiwis can fly! You are obviously not biffing them hard enough!

Useless bit of info, but the city I am in is where all the kiwifruit come from, there are orchards everywhere here.

Plane looks like it ate all the pies :lol:


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