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For Sale - Restored DF01 Dirt Thrasher with hop ups

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Selling this DF01 project i picked. Another case of it being fun to restore and sort out, but a bit too much duplication in my fleet for it to stay. 

20190826_193755 20190826_193750

Came to me as a vintage, well used Dirt Thrasher. Original Dirt Thrasher shell was wrecked, but will be included with the buggy. I adapted the body mounts (completely reversible, just remove the blue spacer from the rear mount) to fit my spare Mad Bull/Grasshopper2 shell. 

All the proper upgrades have been made. Metal motor mount, plastic gearset including new diff casings, alloy bearing steering set, metal front knuckles, full ball bearings. Shocks fully refurbed with red tamiya o rings, new plastics at the rear and core rc oil. Springs are upgraded to five sorted handling. 

20190826_181151 20190826_193843

Has a new tub as the original was cracked. Comes with basic ESC, Flysky receiver and 21t brushed motor. The big metal screw on the right holds the battery in. It came to me like this, but actually worked really well! 

Comes with original MSC and wing mount


Just bind to your transmitter, throw in a battery and off you go. Runs really smoothly, would make a good base for a vintage racer, or just a great basher. 

£55 posted uk. 

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