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The aftermath of racing for 275 km in 8 hard hours. (long post, many photos)

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11 hours ago, Superluminal said:

Which part of the universals gives up and fails? Were they tamiya universals?

They where original Tamiya universals, with the screw in scrub screw. The scrub screw wasn't tightend enough i think. so the pin holding everything together was coming loose.

Just discovered they have a "new" part to correct this problem item 54623 from Tamiya, it's the axle and clip on ring.




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13 hours ago, A3Baak said:

@GooneyBird Did you use just one Carson Cupmachine? 

Yeah, we just used one motor, and it wasn't even a brand-new motor. It was an ex-Tamiya Cup motor. Interesting, other people said they needed like, 3 motors just to do the race. We were fine, and I'm totally confident re-using this motor for something else.

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