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That is an awesome question.. I am already spending waay too much on Tamico, not sure if an extra discount will be benefecial for my wallet :D

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Hi Tamico,

    Can I just quickly if you still are still shipping to the UK post Brexit ? I've put some parts in a basket on your website Tamico Online Shop | Not only for Tamiya fans. , but I'm only getting an option for estimating shipping within Germany. Do I need to register an account with you to get the shipping to the UK option, or is shipping to the UK no longer an option.


Edit: Have got it working, had not enabled cookies for the page  (Facepalm...)



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I asked the same question last week. Here's their reply:

Thanks for your message.
I am very sorry, we have no prediction yet.
As soon as shipments to UK are possible again, we will enable the option in our shop again.
Viele Grüße / Best Regards
Martin Haarhuis

Here's hoping they'll get it sorted soon.

If you read though my thread about rcmart charging vat you'll see that businesses outside the UK that want to ship to UK need to register as vat payers with hmrc. So I guess it depends on how important the UK market is to Tamico as to whether they want the paperwork hassle or not....

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