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Koji Sanada 1990 IFMAR World Champion Mugen Super Sport Replica Build

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8 minutes ago, acprc said:

I'm not bothered enough anymore to pursue it. Its about a close a replica as I am going to get and im happy with that.

I am trying to help and contribute as much as you have been helping me, Adam. Thanks a lot, again. And I am sincerely looking forward to see the alloy air filter mount you planned to fabricate for our two replicas.

The search for the company name of the sticker is very exciting on his own. But personally I believe a replica has to be as close from the original as it can possibly be (obviously only based on available articles, pictures and testimonies). That is the reason why I have and will have only one replica project at a time, till I get everything complete. A "RC life's project" for me, yes I do admit. I catched that friendly virus ;)


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