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Kyosho Landjump Integra

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Just love this old car, when I used to bash around with cars as a kid, these would be in Model Cars magazine but for me they where way beyond my parents Christmas  present fund. Fast forward to about 5 years ago, I bought it one night on a US business trip, via eBay,  from Australia delivered to the UK. I had not factored in Customs on second hand stuff but in the end to me it was worth every penny. Hope you like it as much as I do.








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2 hours ago, Finman said:


Will you run it ?

Thank you.
I don’t currently have any plans to run it however never say never. I’ve run both an ultra rare Taipan on a modern 1/8th scale track and I’ve blasted around a Blazing Blazer but you know they are pretty poor runners compared to modern RC. On a side note I currently have a project around a vintage Rc Heli trying to get it to perform like a modern heli. But I feel this car is better suited to a shelf for now.

There is very little left to do to it, perhaps given time a set of period tires/tyres will turn up and I will replace the set it has. I’ll keep an eye out for a period air filter but that is about all it’s missing. Having said that I guess I could get really ocd and try and find period screws and nuts but I’m ok with modern replacements for now :-)

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 Very nice in mint condition.

I came across one very old car from my friends storage . Was given to me. 

I converted it to ep running 4 c lipo. Had lots of fun with it especially during this covid stay at home time





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