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Doc Hollywood

Vintage bomerang project with hot shot parts for sale

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I were given the remains of a boomerang by some friends but there was some other cars and bits that were in a job lot that fell through from the same people so have decided I don't need the hassle to rebuild as have to many projects. I have rebuilt the front and rear gearboxes and attached front arms so the front end is pretty much complete. The chassis is fairly complete it dose come with wheels and body shell which is badly painted but has no crash damage just a badly made hole and a small area cut out by the back window. The Boomerang has got it original manual and body kit manual with it, it will need a new set of rear arms as they were all split but will include everything that I have got. I also got a few parts from a hot shot like part of the roll cage and also hubs two gearbox cases and a few other assorted parts. I will add pictures tomorrow as don't have any at the moment.

I am looking for £40 OBO for the parts I am happy to negotiate though.

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