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Auctions for 70+ Vintage RC Cars 28th November 2019

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I am helping a friend of mine to dispose of a lifetime collection of all vintage rc cars, mostly Tamiya but other makes also. He is selling the cars as his Uncle now 76 has gone into a care home and they are being sold to help fund his care home fees. He collected the RC cars from 1990 to 2012 they are being sold in a series of auctions.

Two auctions are coming up on 28th November 10:00am GMT at Wessex Auction Rooms and Chippenham Auction Rooms.

The links to the auctions are below and you will need to register in advance with www.the-saleroom.com which hosts the auctions if you wish to bid. Both of the auctions are now live for placing bids online in advance of the auction. The auctions are in the UK.

Wessex Auction Rooms  https://www.wessexauctionrooms.co.uk/

There are 32 lots at Wessex Auction Rooms that are Lot 225 to Lot 256 comprising of approximately 45 cars and various controllers chassis/spares from various manufacturers. Most Lots have vintage controllers included. Some of the cars are listed below:

Tamiya – Bullhead (1990) – 6 Chassis – Mini Cooper – Super Sabre (1987) – Thunder Shot – Nissan GTR – Mercedes CLK – BMW M3 – Monster Beetle (58060) – Terra Scorcher – Clod Buster (58065)

Sammo - Road Winner

Hong Nor – 1/8 Nitro Buggy

Schumacher – Cat – Nitro 10 Storm – 2 Chassis

Proline – Chevy Silverado Big Foot

Kyosho – Thunder Tiger – Optima Turbo – RS-200 – Alfa Romeo – Chassis Various - BMW

Duratrax – Evader

Thunder Tiger – Pheonix

Hot Bodies – Lightening Stadium 10

HPI – Nitro MT2 – Lightening – Chevy Silverado – Rush Evo

Nikko – 4WD Dandy Dash (c1988) 2 off

CEN Racing – 2 Fuel Chassis

Traxxas – TRX Fuel Chassis

Unknown – Toyota Celica – Toyota Supra – Panda Pickup – Vauxhall Astra

Here’s the link for this auction: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/wessex-auction-rooms/catalogue-id-srwess10227

Chippenham Auction Rooms  http://www.chippenhamauctionrooms.co.uk/chippenham_auction_rooms_north_wiltshire.html

There are 15 lots at Wessex Auction Rooms that are Lots 477,479,481,483,485,486,487,488,490,491,493,566,570,572 & 581 comprising of approximately 28 cars and various controllers, chassis/spares from various manufacturers. Most Lots have vintage controllers included. Some of the cars are listed below:

Tamiya – Peugeot 306 – Peugeot 406 – 3 Ford Escorts – TA-01 DTM Mercedes – Mercedes Dekra Saloon – 2 Mad Bulls – Thunder Shot – Monster Beetle – 6 Big Foots – Toyota Celica GT – New VW Beetle

Kyosho – 2 Off Road ?? – 2WD Nitro Car – Ford Escort Cosworth Nitro

Maverick – 4WD Off Road

Thunder Tiger – Rolling Chassis – Ford Escort Cosworth Nitro – 2WD Nitro Chassis

Here’s the link for this auction:  https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/chippenham-auction-rooms/catalogue-id-srchi10089

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