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T-REX Waterproof Tape

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just purchased this most Outrageous tape, saw it at Harbor Frieght said to self a Lil' pricey so i;ll wait to see who has it slightly cheaper (thanx Wally World) had to order it from Walmart

since i went to get the last roll HF had and was gone, i needed it for securing wiring(where really nothing elese will work and wasn't waitn' for RTV to dry)for my SCX10 and others as well.

now Gorilla's adhesives and tapes are the bomb and had heard of T-REX before, but not this particular item. nice thin sticky material like Bitchathane but better for these type of applications.

Diggn' It! and i believe i'll stick with it also nothing comes close not even 3M moulding tape is sticking to some of my materials i use, this stuff can be used under water.

any one here has used this tape? please tell me your experience. i've used many many adhesive products this is (hate to say it) the cat's meow, the bees knees,

the tape that may be the only one to actually keep my mouth shut:lol:

ps how about that new brazing rod you can weld aluminum(and or just about anything metal) with a map gas or propane torch. i forget the product name. doyou know please post it here or a new thread please ok i'm not sticking around for long.................................................:o

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