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SOLD - RC Channel Alloy wheelset for Bruiser

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For sale - RC Channel aluminium wheel set with adapters for Bruiser.  Very high quality.

Part   WA30220   - long out of production!

Full aluminium wheel set, single piece wheel rims with a separate centre cap.  These mount to the normal Bruiser hubs - three bolts, and are not hex fitment.   

Adapters will  correct difference in Bruiser offset between the front and rear axles so you have even track width front and back

I mounted tyres to these and test fitted to a Bruiser chassis some years ago - they have never been used , or even put on display model.

 There is a little residue of superglue in the bead slots but easily cleaned out if needbe. Internal and external faces of the wheels are as new.

I dare say these will fit the Chinese clone models as well, and almost certainly fit the Mountaineer / Mountain Rider models too.


I will be listing these on Ebay at a higher price at the weekend so a chance to grab a good deal.


Offered to TC members at £50 + £3 postage in the UK

payment by paypal please










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i am interested in them

should their not be 4 adaptors 

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The adapters are only needed to widen the front wheel track, bringing the wheels in line with those on the rear axle. This old thread sort of explains their function..


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