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F101 & 102 vs. F103 Gearbox Rear - are they interchangeable?

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Hi, I'm trying to work out if the rear panel onto which the rear wing assembly is fixed is interchangeable between the standard F103 gearbox parts (50504 pictured first) and the older F101 and F102 parts (0005371), in terms of both size and fixing points to the side pieces of the gearbox assembly. I have an F103 which I'm wanting to do some modification to, and it would help if I can create a F102 style rear wing assembly which is supported by a metal frame attached through vertical holes in the F101/102 rear gearbox parts. I could buy the parts to check, but wondered if anyone had first hand knowledge?

50504 F103 Gearbox manual pic.png

0005371 F102 Gearbox .png

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