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Making the Comical Avante more ‘Avante’

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New Comical Avante looks fun and I plan on getting one. But the original Avante is not so much fun as deliciously over engineered and all the more beautiful for it. It short, it isn’t — and never will be — a real Avante. But can we bring it closer?

So it occurred to me that there is probably a list of upgrades and hacks that we could create to help transform this sheep in wolf’s (clown) clothing into more of a genuine beast. How much of below is possible, and what else could we add to such a machine?

1/ a Technigold, obviously. But is there a more modern gold motor as a substitute? The look is important in order to match ...


2/ Gold shocks. Will standard Avante shocks fit? Need two pairs of the rears? Or again, an equiv?


3/ Carbon fibre. What options are out there for this chassis? shock towers?


4/ some Alloy bits. Knuckles and uprights? Anything else?


5/ Cam locks. Any bubble tires out there that fit them?


6/ needlessly complex suspension set up.


what am I missing?


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You can substitute the plastic one-piece upper suspension arms (maybe even the suspension arms entirely) with very short ball-end links. I would say metal rose joints, but these are some very small links being replaced...

Building up the driver figure with a full/closed-face helmet might work.

The body will look a bit more swoopy by removing a bit more material underneath the "Diablo Engineering" decal, just as the original Avante's shell curves in that particular area.

I am unaware of carbon-fibre kits for the GF-01, but some do exist for the WR-02. These could potentially be adapted to fit.

The wheel centres appear structural as well as cosmetic, so perhaps some solid discs to sit over these centres might contribute to a more "Avante" look.

That is all I have for now...

Edit: but would making the 'Comical Avante' more 'Avante' make it less 'Comical?' Worrying, indeed :P

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I think if you check some japanese sites or brands you can find loads of crazy hopups for this type of chassis. Carbon, alloy the works.

Avante damper, the mini front version could work front and rear on the comical.

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