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inferno buggy chassis - shells interchangable?

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for context, i have decided to completely disassemble my kyosho inferno VE race spec (the one from around 2011). i've owned it since 2016 and it is my first ever RC car that would be considered serious. after several months and probably close to a year of neglect (which include not driving it at all and never having thoroughly cleaned the thing since i first drove it), i thought rebuilding it after complete disassembly to clean, upgrade and service it would be a fun idea.

not gonna lie, i think the body that came with it looks stupid. even if it has a sort of air scoop that directs air to cool the motor, the shape just looks silly to me. so i figured, why not get an MP9e body to replace it? i don't know why but the more angular design is attractive to me, AND it vaguely has a sharktail fin, which is undeniably awesome. so i want to get one, paint it in some wacky colors i like, and then continue on my merry way for rebuilding the chassis. is it possible? i'd be even more sad than i was before if it isn't, because an unpainted and uncut body is already seventy dollars. yeesh. i might just get an aftermarket 1/8 buggy body if i have to; any suggestions?

thanks for any answers, even if you say i'm dumb in it

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Hello, you may try kyosho part number IFB164 its a clear body for Kyosho INFERNO NEO 3.0 VE which was released in October 2019. I'm positive that it'll fit the Inferno VE Race Spec, the front body mount in the neo 3.0 ve is shorter than the one on the VE race spec.


I hope the above helps.


I like old style bodies and used different bodies for my Inferno VE Race Spec

see them in my showroom here:

Body type 1: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=132609&id=5484

Body type 2: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=127369&id=5484

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