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Considering my 1st scale rig...Globe liner or King Hauler?

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I like the looks of both, they cost about the same, chassis are the same.(I think?)

Any good reason to buy one over the other. Buying both is not an option....yet.

I'd also like a flatbed trailer....any thoughts or recommendations.


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Globe liner has a shorter wheelbase than the KH, so can be used in a smaller space. Installation of a driver figure is a bit more tricky in the globe liner though. I've got the Tamiya flatbed trailer and it's very well made, goes well with the globe liner


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Ok...so a little late in replying, but I have just taken steps and ordered a King Hauler from my LHS.😁

Built a Hotshot and finished a couple of restorations since being in lock down. Now I'm ready for a new challenge. I decided on the KH just because it looks so damned cool. Only trouble is, I now need to work out a paint scheme. Many restless night ahead of me I fear.🙄

I'll be collecting parts for a while so don't expect pictures any time soon.

For the electrics I'm thinking, WP1080 esc and generic 45t brushed motor (I have an 80t in stock I can try).  ESS Dual sound unit, a liberal sprinkling of LED  lights and a couple of Alturn high torque servos.

It'll get full bearings obvs...👍🏾

I'm not overly worried about the full multi function computer for now. I understand it's a tight fit in this rig anyhow.

If there any must do upgrades to improve general running and reliability I'm keen to hear about them.

Also going to look into trailers, flatbed ideally. These seem pretty expensive compared to the tractors though. So may have to do some scratch building to keep costs down. I have a good stock of aluminium angle.

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