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Oddball Bargains

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We have a few kits that I can let go at special price for TC members on an "end of tax year sell them before we count them" basis.

Prices include UK delivery.  Most EU countries we can deliver for around £19.  It's not practical to send to some countries and outside the EU the price is prohibitive.

What I have available are:


I can do the above 44042 TG10 kits for £185 each.  There are 4 available.  These are very odd having been found in Tamiya's warehouse.  They are very old kits (as far as we can tell) but note that they're chassis kits without engines.  The boxes are all new but all have very minor marks from being stored around 15 years.


Bruiser is a cancelled customer order - we normally only get it to order.  Can sell for £550.  There is one in stock.


Three of the Isuzu in stock.  These can go for £165 each (without ESC, can add ESC if required +£12).  


Five of the Tyrrell kit available.  Again £165 each (again +£12 for a TBLE02S ESC if needed).


Two of this oddball XB with no radio idea Tamiya had too.  £188 each on these.


Two of this Carisma Brat.  Nice cars.  Carsima decided to sell this one without battery and charger, and killed the sales on it as a result.  Can't go wrong at £194 though.

Anyone wanting any, please email me at sales@timetunnelmodels.com and copy/paste the line you want - I will send Paypoo invoices.



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