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Kyosho Icarus restoration and video

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The Kyosho Icarus is a 2WD entry-level RC car from the year 1985/1986. It has the same chassis as the Pegasus, Cosmo and Cox Bandido. The original motor is the 360ST, size 550, 22 turns - 22,000 rpm and it has independent suspension on four wheels with oil dampers. This buggy is the version that Graupner distributed in Germany.

I bought it disassembled and there were parts that were not from this car:


I have the original rims and the new front tires; I don't have the rear tires. There were other front rims and rear rims on the Tamiya Hornet. The chassis was strongly marked by scratches on the bottom but no broken parts. The shock absorbers were new as if they had changed.

The most important thing was to have all the transmission parts because they are expensive, hard to find and there are no alternatives.


I disassemble the gearbox because there is a strange noise.

The gearbox is fine and had a loose bushing. It is cleaned and oiled. The motor pinion has 18 teeth and a 0.8M module. The gearbox has a ratio 18/52 * 18/52 ---> 8.35: 1


The wheel axle is worn in the rolling area. This also occurs in the Cosmo and the Pegasus. TThe previous owner did not do the maintenance and there was no grease in the bushings.

It is better to use 10x6 mm flanged ball bearings



A new wheel axle is quite expensive and difficult to obtain; I placed a needle roller bearing 10x6 mm and 10 mm wide. 


The transmission parts have strange measures and shapes and are not compatible with other spare parts:


The LeMans 360ST motor has interchangeable brushes but cannot be opened. I put the very fine sandpaper in a screwdriver and put it in the hole of the brushes to polish the collector. I use a drill to turn the rotor.




Complete transmission test and measure the motor speed (sound level meter):


The chassis is clean and the transmission mounted. The battery is placed by opening a cover under the car


The double wishbone front suspension is made up of flexible plastic arms: there is no axle.


Suspension clearance is repaired with an o-ring.


I made two polyethylene holders for the servo. I did not have the original holders.



I have new chrome rims and a rear wheel adapter; I also have new front tires.


I mount 4x8x3 bearings in the front wheels.
The rear rims are 1.55" size and I can choose between the Tamiya Hornet or Marui tires that I have.



I paint the white letters on the tires. I also mounted the ESC and the receiver in the car.


The Icarus buggy looks like this:






In action (video):





Translated from:

(sorry for the translation errors)


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Nice one! I love the Pegasus/Icarus. I've owned a few over the years; currently I have a Cox Bandido (same chassis). I had an Icarus for a while, and I keep thinking maybe I should not have sold it. Such a cool looking car...

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Nice restoration!   I remember looking at the Tower Hobbies catalog as a kid and always wishing I could get the Icarus.   I thought it looked very cool.  I still do.  One day I will get one to restore.

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