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Switch hard to flick

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I started running my car on gravel today having converted it from road going and after two runs the switch has become very difficult to move from the dust. Is there any way to get rid of the ust in there and also is there anyway to prevent that?

My car is a VW Golf Mk1 with the M-05S chasis.

Thanks in advance,


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TBLE02S switch?  

Try taking it apart and use computer dust blowing can-o-air.  


If dust blowing doesn't work, there is De-ox-it.  It is plastic safe, and it improves contacts.   

My monitor has a display port that I didn't use for 8 years.  It made a terrible contact.  If I touch the monitor, I'd lose output.  After squirt of this, I wiggle and yank the cable, no problem.  I squirt little on a paper towel, and use it on every flashlight(torch), wall clocks, USB, etc.  Tiny bit lasts years.  This is a small 5 oz can. Half the size of above duster. It just looks big in the photo.  


As for prevention...? (no pun intended)



I'm sure this guy has 50 RC cars he wants to water-proof and dust-proof.  :mellow:


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Im not sure what type but I think I should be able to take it apart pretty easy thanks for the advice.


Yh I'm sure hes using them for RC cars :lol:


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