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Manta Ray parts info

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Hi, need to get some parts to rebuild my Manta Ray, and struggling to find them listed anywhere, so hoping someone can help me.

I am missing one of the front screws holding the top linkage of the front suspension as its is missing, but not sure of which screw kit to buy. Does anyone know what kit I need to buy. As I'm going to rebuild this I may as well get a full set in case there is any more i need.

Also, what tyres are they, as I can't find them listed either.

This is the screw20200408_110252.thumb.jpg.4b4205a2bbd71d2aa4475fe385db57ec.jpg

This is the location 



I know its missing its driveshafts. But unfortunately I bought it 2nd hand, and the previous owner had decided it would be a good idea to convert it to 2wd and lost all the 4wd parts! But I think I have managed to find the parts I need, just need to buy them.

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