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Eagle TT02 GRT AWD for Touring?

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Hi Guys! 


Wondering if some of you might be able to help me out here as I am new to the exciting world of RC. 

A quick briefing:

I am looking into getting a TT02 for a project and came across the Eagle Racing TT02 GRT AWD CS Drift Chassis, which I fell in love with as it comes fully carbon & blue bling goodness.

Question is, can a CS Drift chassis be run as a Touring Spec Chassis?

How will CS differential affect track handling? And would Swapping the CS from front to rear make handling better as power bias would be f75/r35 (roughly) through the drivetrain?  

Also, are drift chassis more fragile than their Touring brothers? 

Many Thanks!




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Short answer, no, they aren't good for grip racing, CS (countersteer) drift is an extreme setup that only works on drift tyres, and only works if you want the rear of the car to be sideways all the time.

You might be able to fit the chassis with a grip drivetrain, but there are probably a bunch of other suspension and steering changes on it as well.

So, buy it if you like it, but don't expect it to work with "grip" tyres.

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