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Carson 404172 1/8 Land Rover Defender

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Hi Guys. 

I have seen the above online for sale and it is referred to as a Carson (Tamiya Germany) 404172 Land Rover Defender crawler.  While I Have heard of Carson before I am unsure whether this is an actual Tamiya chassis built under licence or whether it is a copy / variation etc or even something altogether different?  Does anybody have experience of these, are they any good? is it effectively a ready to run built Tamiya kit which can use Tamiya parts and hop ups etc for repairs?  

The link at Time Tunnel Models is https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/carson-tamiya-germany-404172-land-rover-defender-crawler-silver-ready-large-p-66417.html

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated 

Crashbox Dummy

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It doesn't look like it uses any Tamiya parts I've seen - Carson do market their own line as well as Tamiya though (Google Carson Unimog),  so could just be a rebadged toy-grade chinese special.

This should ring alarm bells, if nothing else does; The driving time is 20 minutes and the vehicle is charged via USB

The blue battery pack looks like it's the main power source, as the transmitter's batteries are also pictured - That's a small pack for a vehicle that's around the same size as a Traxxas TRX-4 (if the quoted scale is anything to go by)




I can't find any body-off pics anywhere to compare it to others but, if you look at the axles, for instance, they're definitely not CC-02 parts

The top link on the axle looks like it might rely on plastic flex to achieve articulation too - as opposed to separate left and right links or a ball-ended Y piece like the early Axials



CC02 Axle;


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Just to clarify.  Carson are Tamiya Germany.  Tamiya Germany are Carson.  The car is not a Tamiya product though, but it does say Tamiya-Carson on the box to confuse matters.

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