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Doc Hollywood

Tamiya vintage motors for sale

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Hi all

I have decided to sell my collection of 5 vintage black end bell motors as used on wild willy M38/sand scorcher etc  and a couple of other Jonson's They are all in used condition one of the motors from memory was a bit slow but they seem to be in good condition I am selling as I have only got one wild willy m38 now and I have sold everything else that used these motors. I also have two white end bell motors like used on bowtie grill clod/original midnight pumpkin/lunchbox I haven't tested a couple but will test them later today. 

If interested please PM or post they can be bought as a job lot or separately prices will be plus post

Regards Doc  

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I have taken some pictures of all of the motors I have tested them all and they all work well apart from the white end bell on the far left there is something seriously wrong as there is lots of end float it could be used for parts or  maybe rebuild and one of the Johnson's has dried out so is noisy on the rear bearing.

I would like £9 each for the black end bell motors as they are quite hard to find. £6 each for the Johnson's and £9 for the white end bell as they are very hard to find and £2 for the non running white end bell.

All prices are plus postage



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