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Newbie - R620 radio question/advice

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I've just got a R620 fully built unit and Carson Goldhofer trailer from a friend who had lost interest. As a kid I built several cars starting with a Hornet, into nitro then onto 5th Marder's so know a little bit.

Unit is running a Carson Reflex 6 channel radio set, MFU-01 and the Carson trailer lighting kit. There's also a light bar on it running off one of the spare rx channels.

My plan for the unit is to try and replicate as much as I can the truck I drive for work:

Jim jamieson scania r580 highline

I've started with stripping it down to fit a ballrace kit and going to try and get rid of some of the ugly Tamiya plastics on the chassis as well as the roof spoiler.

As you can see, my boss is scared of the dark with lots of lights added!

I have had a play with plugging some more LED's into the spare MFU  channels with some success but it does appear limited what can be driven especially for the high beam/flash.

My thinking so far is swapping to a different radio set with more channels to then drive functions from dedicated switches.

It's not going to get a load of use once built so was looking at something like this:


Any thoughts or advice?

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that a beaut truck you drive if you want to replicate find out if your company does the stickers or get them done by a outside company either way you should be able to get them to re-size them to 1/14 scale but if not their are rc sticker sellers on e-bay that should be able to sort you out.

as for putting in other leds into the tamiya mfu be careful as your surposed to only use the tamiya mfu correct leds.

if you can afford it go for a spektrum dx radio instead as their are videos on u-tube of how to set up them as it can get mind blowing when trying asign channels to functions/switch's but if you can programme that one then go for it.

plus their are many many many add on's and replacment bits for scania trucks on e-bay as they are a popular rc truck

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Thanks for the reply. Yup, it's a nice place to be some days but when you're on a site, chaining down heavy muddy plant onto the trailer then it's not so much fun!

I did look at the Spektrum radio but I think the Radiolink will be sufficient for what I want it to do. I found this using the cheaper Turnigy radio gear:

I think I'm going to keep the MFU for the "standard" truck lighting then drive all the extras from spare channels on the radio gear (via switch supplies).

Paint stripping trial time on some of the panels I'm replacing as a trial hopefully today.

Also trying to stay away from eBay and Astec Models for more bits......

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i know what you mean i used to drive a long flat bed 7/12 tonna around 12 years ago multi dropping and i remember the endless hand balling delivers in all weathers even though its no way near the same as a truck.

that guys videos are very good and he does have some real good videos teri wilde does a fair few regarding radio set up on various radios.

for me i cant be bothered with paint stripping i just buy new and re-paint

you will at some point end up at one of them sites for parts;) i said the same but my lhs don't sell any after market stuff for trucks


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