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When folks leave forums

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For me, it is generally seasonal - I mean look, it is fishing and hunting season now; actually I am leaving in two days for a 12 hour trip to hunting and fill in the static time fishing - will I be thinking about RC'n; not a chance. In the summer I am busting Clay's, but there is idle time in-between those days and that is when my RC'n really starts to get more active. Bottom line is - I have an addictive personality and it don't take much to shift me, that is why I stay away from drugs!   

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I'm the type of member thar comes and goes.

Either i come because of the winter - thats the time of the year where i dream a lot of the summer and how nice it would be to drive a Car and beginn to work on them to get 'em summerfit.

In the Summer i think about other stuff and beeing busy not driving an RC.


OR, i get a new car and post childish nonsense noob quesions while others beeing busy with good and super nice advice not caring about how dumb my questions are.



While the weather is good and not having a new toy, i'm not very active in here.





In another forum we have the "missed User" Thread.

There you can ask if anyone did hear about User XYZ.

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