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Hey guys! 


I am currently looking into rebuilding and modifying my old Fighter Buggy RX for some track use (obviously wont be competitive) and for some general light bashing too but i am too unsure of what tires I should use? (Sticking with standard buggy tire size) 

The surface would mainly be some pavement, light grass, gravel / dirt. 

I was looking at the Proline tires

Front : Proline 4 Rib M3 Compound 

Rear : Proline Holeshot M3 Compound 

Or Schumacher cactus / others. 

The problem is, the DT01 chassis isnt great.. And I just want slightly better grip tires for her to handle without constantly rolling over from having too much high grip, what do you guys think / recommend? 

Also, i should point out Im not a fan of the carson tires.. I know they are decent and all terrain but the look is 🤮

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