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Heat Shrink size bullet type query

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Hey guys.

I’ve ordered my soldering iron gear today so ready to have a play around with some cheap Deans that I’ve bought on EBay to learn before applying it to expensive ESCs!.

I’ve also got some 14awg wire, which from peoples helpful advice here seems to be what I’ll what for my 10BL60 and 17.5t 3650 Hobbywing.

Anyway, couple of things I didn’t know I needed to know about, until I ordered them was:

- Heat shrink size/diameter

- What type of bullet connector I need

So, I am I right in thinking 5mm heat shrink is the right size to go for, for 14awg (or 12awg if I ever do that) wire?

And, what about bullets? This would firstly be for extending the wire run on my XV01 so:

End of 10BL60 wire -> new extension wire with bullets on both ends -> other end plugs into 3650 Hobbywing motor (which I think are 4mm connectors??)


If anyone could offer advice and maybe even a link to which I need, that’d be so helpful. I’d typically call up Modelsport for sure noob questions, but in obviously they’re closed right now!


thank you!! :)

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Most heat shrink will shrink to half its original diameter. So you need heat shrink with a diameter large enough to slip over the wire you want to cover, but a diameter less than twice as large as what you want to cover.

So for a 4mm bullet, you need heat shrink with something like a 5mm or 6mm diameter. Most electrical supply places will sell a lot with heat shrink in an assortment of sizes and colors.

That help any?

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