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SandScorcher Jenny

Tamiya Monster Beetle "Black Edition" Parts Tree P (9115431)

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I need this Tree Believe it's P Parts.. Its number is listed same as the Monster Beetle Original Red. There is no special number being a Black Edition. (9115431)
New Only please if you know of any or one's for-sale.
I'm Building a ground up Black Edition MB My next project 
I have..
Black MB Bodyshell ✅
Black Edition Decals ✅
Black Edition Chassis ✅
Black Edition Box & Black Edition Manual✅
Driver Tree includes nose ❌
Glass set ✅
Standard 540 Motor ✅
Rest is Re Re Monster Beetle 2015 kit stuff il buy as i go along.. This is a 3-6 months Shelf Queen Build
Thanks in advance DM if you have Part Needed Please..  
I have Purchased The Standard Re Re P parts tree in Red and will prime & paint the nose Black if needs be , but would rather the Black part to start with. 
Blitzer Beetle Tree Purchased for the other Black parts so its really just the Nose i'm needing ..  
There is a company in the USA that has the set of parts but he won't split them!! There must be a set somewhere surely ??? 



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