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58100 Top Force rebuild -> now DF01/DB01 Frankenstein build

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Yeah, because of the strengthening webs I took it from the front. I've since changed for a metal one and taken it from the back which has resolved my issue:





Looking forward to your next update :) 


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Over a half year later, here's the next update 
Had a lot to do the last months, so there wasn't that much time for such projects.
If I had some spare minutes I've done some small steps, but didn't always take pictures or had time to document it.
So here now, a big step forward.






Last week I found some time to mill out the chassis plates and damper stays on the CNC. This is the Version 2 of the lower deck.
As you can see, the extension at the rear differential, is now closed. I had to change my rear gearbox cover to a new version. On the old one it was nearly impossible to reach the lower screws.
So the new one is much taller, the screws are easy accessible and it looks more factory.
I also installed the aluminium parts to stiffen up the weak points of the Top Force construction.

I hope to find some time to assemble the parts at the front. I'm also not sure about the motor i will use. Think i will stay with a brushed tamiya or LRP motor.

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Since the last update I've done severall tiny steps. Everytime I found some minutes I worked on the car, so there were no step by step updates. But here we are.

The DF01 now is 90% complete. Yesterday I had some time to take some better pictures. So I let the pictures talk.









I really love the look of the chassis. It's so much work and it would look nice on the shelf, but I have to run it. 

The next steps will be to address some small refinements on the chassis (e.g. change Diff outdrives and glue them in etc.), order and install the electronic components, order some tires (think I go oldschool with TF Tires) and one big point: Paint the TF Body.
Currently I don't know which colors I will choose. The rims are fluorescent yellow. 


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Excuse the delay.

I have to work harder than normal in my second occupation. Life is getting more expensive, so there is not so much money left for the Tamiyas (second cheaper hobby).

@BuggyGuy @kontemaxunfortunately not. I still have to order the tires and paint the body. Also the RC components are missing.

I will switch over to 2.4 GHz, so I search for a used Sanwa M12 or MT




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