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Sanwa Super Vortex N H C? Help..

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Does anyone know anything about this ESC? It works forwards but no reverse. I'm not sure how to set it up or what the 3 recessed dials are for. If anyone has a manual that would be awesome. Does this even have reverse as an option?

Thanks in advance.


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I finally found a post about it. Seems like it has no brake or reverse as it's an aircraft esc really.

Here's what I found if anyone is interested:

You have 3 screws N / H / C
N= Neutral
H= High Speed
C= Curve like Expo on the radio.

Step 1: Set the neutral.
Step 2: With the little box put on the motor wire, and set the high speed , 90% in max forward the light is off.
Step 3: Set the curve like you want: turn the screw on left Slow Curve, Turn the screw on right High Curve.


Not much use to me as so I'll be getting a replacement. 

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