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Looking for a proper Stick transmitter

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On 8/4/2020 at 11:42 PM, Ferruz said:

Looks like now my choice is narrowed between the infamous Futaba and a flying one, still cheap but with more feats.

Is this really the only mod needed? If that's the case, it seems doable. By what I see in the photos, it looked to me like both sticks are in an horizontal axis in the flying radios... guess I was wrong?

Just to know what to expect, would I be looking at a ghetto mod or are the sticks predisposed for a return spring to be installed? 

I like ghetto mods, I'm just not sure I would feel like butchering a brand new radio set right away.

With flying radios each stick can move in the x and y axis.  Some have the return springs, some don't.  You will have to search for each particular set you are looking at to see what may need to be done.

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On 8/5/2020 at 8:39 AM, wolfdogstinkus said:

I had a radiolink 8 channel stick radio. It comes with the return spring so just needs fitting. 

Cheap as chips but instructions were Chinese, worked fine but couldn't play with many settings, not that I needed to.

The radiolink 8 channel is available everywhere and looks like a good deal. Photos of how it's held show fingers delicately pinching the sticks, I reckon for flying purposes...:huh:

Once set up for car driving, are the functions going to be like any other old school stick transmitter or will there be dramatic differences, like steering and throttle positions swapped, or vertical axis instead of horizontal/viceversa? 

This doubt is all that's stopping me from getting it right now...


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