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High Point Setting issues with the Tamiya TBLE-02S and the Spektrum STX3

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Purchased the Spektrum STX3 to use with my Terra Scorcher which comes with the TBLE-02S ESC

The TBLE-02S procedure states to set the throttle reverse switch to the reverse position which already I find confusing.  However, I did that and then went through the steps and they work as described. The odd part is as follows.  Regardless of the position of the throttle switch, normal or reverse, the motor runs opposite of your throttle position.  i.e. pull back goes backwards, push forward applies brake and then goes forward.  I checked with the meter and the blue is always negative.  My present solution is just to reverse the wires from the motor to the esc.


Again, if I try the high point set up procedures with the throttle reverse switch in the normal mode the step to apply full brake and depress the set button does not complete the process.  i.e.  the red light continues to double flash.

Double checked my work, put on new glasses and it all works exactly as it should. Apologies to all. 

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I have resolved my issue.

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If your trying to set the High points, make sure that the  throttle rate is at max, and that the Throttle amount is set to 100, and that the throttle trim is perfectly centred. 

If any of those are out it may not do it’s setup correctly. in the case of digital radios, often the epa settings need to be well above 100% to work properly. (Many radios can be set to 150%)



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