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what to choose

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They're both excellent choices, but representing different eras of RC car design. The Scorpion was the last successful chassis that was based on a scaled-down real car; it's not as scale-accurate as a Tamiya SRB, but definitely the same idea. It's about as good as you can possibly get while maintaining that scale feel.

The RC10 was the beginning of the era where cars were designed to perform at 1/10 scale, regardless of whether real cars had similar designs. It has a few nods to "real car" looks: window nets and driver figure, dummy lights, etc, but it's very much a "performance first" design. And it wiped the track with the Scorpions and SRBs when it came out, which is why Kyosho aped its design with the Ultima and beat the RC10 at its own game.

These days, they're both bona-fide legends of RC history, so you can't really make a bad choice either way. The re-re Scorpion is an absolute gem of a kit; Kyosho has upgraded and modernized the design brilliantly, and the fit and finish is just wonderful. It drives really well, but understeers a bit, mostly due to the rock-hard front tires. But it looks so good going fast that you don't really care how it drives.

The RC10 re-re is a very faithful recreation of the original RC10, warts and all, requiring some hand-fitting of parts and careful setup to get the most out of it, but it's built like a tank and can be adjusted and modified to drive any way you want. And like the Tamiya re-res, all the old parts fit, so you can mix and match parts.

If you like to tinker and modify, the RC10 is a better platform for that. But as a model to build and see in motion, the Scorpion is more satisfying.

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