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Wanted - UK based painter and decal applier

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Is there anyone on here who is so in love with the body work that they would consider doing 4 for me?

I have 4 TBG bodies with MCI decals to finish my collection for now. All wanted in Box art and I have paint for most if not all.

Saint dragon (already cut out and mounted badly - rear body mount hole is a little on large side)

Astute inc undertray - my pristine one came with no body work at all.

Vanquish (mine is wrong colour and I do love it in black)

and lastly a Dirt thrasher (love the body on this and NOT a fan of the Manta Ray which I should have to complete the 4WD buggy side of my collection but just cant bring myself to do one)

I suspect when I check I will not have enough red of white left for these all so some additional paint may be needed. 

The decals are all here as are the bodies.

If wanted I can do a very quick rough cut out to allow me to find the mounting holes and do them so there is no danger or damaging a finished body with my poor finishing skills.


anyone interested drop me a PM. I would expect to pay for all costs and also some fee for the work. While you may love doing it for yourself doing it for another is not the same thing.

I am not in any particular hurry so months not weeks would be fine as well.

Thanks in advance.

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