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Mad Ax

Mad Ax's Project and To-Do List

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This weekend marks the highlight of the racing calendar and, also the last of the organised events on my calendar.  As of now there is literally nothing in the pipeline - there'll probably be some more local club racing meets before the weather turns and some local (or maybe even a national) scaler meet, maybe even a trip up north for Tamiya Junkies if I'm feeling flush and fancy a long drive and we manage to keep the pandemic under control, but all the crazy prep for this year's late and short racing season is done, and the local big rig clubs aren't able to run due to sharing indoor space with play groups and other vulnerable groups, indoor drifting seems a bit risky due to the small event space (especially if things change as winter approaches), so I'm getting prepared for a few months of building, tidying and archiving.

With that in mind, I've enjoyed having my to-do list posted into the Next Thing thread, but it's getting to be a pain having to go and find it every time I do an update, so I figured (since I have so many projects and build threads on the go) it would be good for me to have a centralised place to have all my plans listed, so I can find them and stay on target.  And since TC is all about sharing, I figured I might as well keep it here and public so people can see what I'm up to :) 

So, here's an up-to-date version of my current projects list.  This doesn't include everything that's finished or everything that's up on the project space waiting to see the light of day - just the things that I've been working on fairly recently.  Hopefully as months and years pass, more old stuff will make it onto this list (for posterity) and more unlisted stuff will appear as I start breaking things out of storage and working on them.  Hopefully as each project gets its own thread, I will remember to update the project titles to links.

In absolutely no order whatsoever:

TA02 Celica Rally (build thread)

  •    Paint wheels white and apply OZ Racing decals
  • Take part in the fictitious Wiltzgard Rally Championship if the grass ever dries out

KBF-bodied CC01 Trail Truck

  •    Sand and polish clear rear lenses
  • Custom-make backing plate for rear lenses (or contact AMPro direct and ask for the 3D file because Shapeways refuse to print it for me)
  • Consider adding more black or yellow detailing to the body
  • Apply a variety of decals
  • Dig out my old Arduino MFU software and convert it to a simple active lighting unit
  • Solder up an Arduino mini or micro and fit to body along with LEDs
  • Photoshoot, showroom entry and have a light trail run to get some mud on the Mickey Thompsons

Pole Trailer Rigid Conversion

  • Acquire support legs with internal motors
  • Finalise, re-assemble, photoshoot and showroom entry

Globe Liner

  • Convert ultra-long WAV file of a Detroit Diesel driving around Germany into a set of audio files for SFR-1
  • Load audio files into SFR-1 and program them to give a realistic driving sound
  •  Mount the IR LED diode under the 5th wheel
  •  Connect a micro servo to the stock 5th wheel release mechanism
  •  Configure the SFR-1 to allow remote operation of the 5th wheel release
  • Tidy wiring loom to improve interior space
  • Investigate reduced steering lock issue (probably SFR-1 configuration)
  • Prep, paint and mount interior and driver
  • Make some new roof lights (or take roof lights from another kit) and mount

Clod Buster Rebuild

  • Cut my new TVP design from alloy or FRP
  • Find a suitable early Ford body
  • Reassemble truck with new chassis plates, body etc
  • Design truck name and associated decals
  • Print decals at home or send to MCI
  • Prep, paint, decal and fit body

Super Astute (Showroom Entry)

  •   Extend front shocks

Desert Fielder

  • Locate unpainted body, clean, mask and paint
  • Fit decals
  • Work out how to mount cleanly and invisibly on Manta Ray shock towers
  • Photoshoot and showroom entry

Grand Hauler Tipper

  • Grind or relocate tipper assembly to clear bed
  • Reassemble tipper bed and tidy screw holes
  • Reassemble chassis with MFU-01 and cosmetic parts
  • Make rear closing panel for day cab
  • Paint and fit day cab
  • Fit tipper bed ESC and connect to MFU-01 trailer leg channel
  • Design, print and paint additional cosmetic parts
  • Design and print graphics
  • Fit additional cosmetics and graphics
  • Photoshoot and showroom entry


  • Paint L&L Escort Cosworth body
  • Design decals and print
  • Apply decals
  • Photoshoot and showroom entry


  • Trim and mount Tamiya 240z body
  • Mask, paint and detail 240z body
  • Consider 3D printing some arch extensions and other scale goodness
  • Make up an Arduino lighting unit, fit to body with LEDs
  • Reassemble, photoshoot and showroom entry

TB01 Rally

  • Mask and paint Audi Quattro body
  • Design decals and print
  • Source narrow hexes to fit Tamiya wheels OR
  • Source some suitable wheels OR
  • Design and print some rally wheels
  • Reassemble, photoshoot and showroom update

SCX10 G6 Edition Cherokee

  • Paint driver figure
  • Modify driver figure for fitting
  • Fit driver figure
  • Fit rear winch using spare sail servo
  • Make hinged rear body mount
  • Final photos and update showroom entry
  • Design, print, paint and fit more scale parts

Budget Bruiser Hybrid Class 1 Scale Rig

  •   Order new axles or new spool for rear axle
  • Complete strip and rebuild with new ARB axles
  • Fix the light switch issue or junk it for new / custom Arduino build
  • Update the latest updates and photos into the build thread
  • Re-fit the rubber arch extensions with impact adhesive for more robusts
  • Final photos and update showroom entry
  • Design, print, paint and fit more scale parts

M03 MWB Rally Car

  • Paint and fit Swift body
  • Design decals and print
  • Apply decals to body
  • Photoshoot and showroom update

FF01 Iconic Cup Race Car

  • Photoshoot and showroom update

FF02 Iconic Cup Race Car

  • Photoshoot and showroom update

Drag King (King Hauler single-axle lowrider / drag truck)

  • Not even sure where to begin on this one...  Lockdown could last another 3 years and I probably still won't have it finished

Bruder Low Loader Trailer

  • Acquire and fit Beier IR trailer module and LEDs
  • Design system for raising and lowering stock Bruder support legs
  • Modify one of my not-to-scale RC boats into 1:14 scale OR
  • Acquire another 1:14 scale car, boat or monster truck to go on the trailer OR
  • Finish my Drag King project to go on the trailer

CC01 Hop-up vs Homebrew Project

  • Fit new alloy shocks and barrel springs to Hop-up
  • Compare performance of two rigs
  • Acquire new soft shocks for Homebrew
  • Fit new soft shocks to Homebrew
  • Compare performance of two rigs
  • Fit shooter shackles to Hopup
  • Compare performance of two rigs
  • Fit adjustable top mounts to Hopup
  • Compare performance of two rigs
  • Modify homebrew top mounts to allow multiple mount locations
  • Compare performance of two rigs
  • Photoshoot and update showroom entries


  • Acquire and fit a Beier SFR-1 to replace the MFU-03
  • Rewire entire cab with new LEDs
  • Find some good MAN V8 sounds to go in the SFR-1
  • Consider finishing the generator that I started making to house the electrics behind the cab
  • Make a hidden internal cab tilt mechanism
  • Paint and fit the interior and driver
  • Fill some stock holes in the body and repaint
  • Fit the new steering axle (forget if it's a Carson or HH but it has more lock, less play and a convincing lean angle on the wheels)
  • Refit the standard 5th wheel with an IR LED underneath
  • Connect a micro servo to the 5th wheel release mechanism

MAN Race Trailer

  • Fit a Beier IR trailer light module and all LEDs
  • Rig up the remote trailer legs to function off the IR module
  • Build a full scale interior complete with lights switchable from the IR module
  • Add some exterior lights
  • Add a sleeper over the back of the TGS
  • Add some windows and an opening door
  • Refinish and repaint the entire thing

HH Flatbed Trailer

  • Acquire and fit Beier IR module and LEDs
  • Modify legs to operate remotely as per Pole Trailer (above)
  • Rebuild and fit a scale load

Scania R420 Orange Edition NIB

  • Decide if I want to acquire the parts I looted to install the single rear axle as per box, OR
  • Acquire new chassis rails and build is as a 6x4 rigid or tractor OR
  • Acquire new chassis rails and build is as an 8x4 heavy hauler
  • Decide if I want to build it as a tractor (and therefore purchase and fit a Beier SFR-1 to work with my trailers) OR
  • Build it as a box truck and fit the spare MFU-03 out of the MAN TGX

G6-01 Truck of Many Wheels

  •  Make an under-bonnet cover that hides the air gap
  •  Fit a front bumper
  •  Make some scale exhausts
  •  Fit scale exhausts
  •  Make and fit an interior
  • Make scale exhaust headers
  • Paint scale exhaust headers
  • Fit scale exhaust headers
  • Finish painting black details on body
  • Acquire replacement wheel
  • Glue tyres
  • Add some sponsor decals
  • Add some scale details like exhaust pipes and rollcage


  •  Acquire a full haul of electrics worthy of a low-spec race rig
  •  Acquire a SWB (12.9 or 12.5) conversion kit with sway bars
  •  Acquire a suitable Ford body for a mid-teens monster / race truck
  •  Acquire some wheels and tyres
  • Assemble the whole cabundle into a proper race rig
  • Trim and paint body
  •  Come up with a name and
  • Design decals worthy of a racing truck, and have them printed
  • Apply decals
  • Photoshoot and showroom entry

Xray T4F 2019

  • Acquire race-spec motor for next racing season


  • Consider a new body to replace the Skyline R33 body that got trashed in recent races
  • All the paint, decals and photos that go with such a project

Super Hot Shot

  • Come up with colour scheme
  • Consider painting body before winter hits
  • Enjoy a nice slow build over the long and lonely winter while watching Disney films with my daughter

Top Force Evo

  • Complete strip and rebuild
  • Replace broken or worn parts (assuming TF parts become available again)
  • Consider changing the OTT 9T brushless system for something a little more suitable for racing


  •  Stand by door like over-excited dog waiting for postman
  •  Decide on paint scheme
  •  Paint before winter
  •  Order some alloy beadlocks
  •  Enjoy a nice slow build over the long and lonely winter while watching Disney films with my daughter
  •  Fit LEDs
  •  Replace broken servo or fit new case
  •  Adjust drag brake for better descent control
  •  Adjust motor timing as currently faster in reverse
  • Reduce pinion size for smoother low-speed operation
  • Make and fit rock lights
  • Acquire and fit roof light bar
  •   Fill dodgy bits on driver
  • Sand, prep and paint driver figure
  • Make and fit basic interior
  •  Fit front winch
  • Acquire rear winch which will fit in the restricted area at the rear of the chassis
  • Fit rear winch
  • Test and bugfix Arduino crawler controller
  • Transfer Arduino crawler controller to Nano SMD with interface board
  • Fit controller into water proof box
  • Get out on the trails

Durandal (2.2 Custom Monster Truck) (Showroom Entry)

  •   Finish battery tray
  •   Tidy wiring
  • Fit a sway bar to reduce torque twist
  •  Photoshoot and showroom entry
  • Go bash

Fifty-Fifty: WT01 Pro-Mod with F250 Body

  •  Reassemble with alloy chassis plates
  •  Fit shock towers with spacers to reduce torque on lower arms
  •  Relocate shock towers to chassis plates for neater installation
  • Update chassis plate CAD file to reflect latest changes
  •  Strip, clean and reassemble gearboxes
  •  Close off holes in gear casings
  •  Re-design body mounts and make from aluminium
  •  Fit and adjust body mounts
  •  Drill out some material from the chassis plates to reduce weight
  • Re-tune the shocks for lighter weight
  • Test-drive
  • Consider having chassis plates made in carbon fibre or FR4

TXT-1: Spellbreaker

  •   Drill out driveshaft UJs and fit pins in place of grubs to stop them falling off every 2 minutes

Hotshot Re-release

  • Complete strip and check over of all internals and components
  • Make chassis jig
  • Design new race chassis, incorporating 4-shock mod
  • Cut chassis from 2mm FR4 sheet
  • Reassemble and test
  • Adjust and repeat as necessary

Wiltzgard Rallycross Championship

  • Finish designing all car decals
  • Finish designing track barrier decals
  • Have all decals printed
  • Add decals to all rally cars
  • Make track barriers
  • Run a one-day garden rallycross championship, probably involving me driving 4 different cars on my own


  • Tidy up my Arduino MFU code and make it public on GitHub
  • Post my half-baked Arduino unit testing library on GitHub
  • Make a very basic Tx-controlled light unit that can easily be installed in scalers and tourers and drifters
  • Tidy up my CarManager database and get it to a workable state on my new laptop so I can catalog all my cars


  • Continue my weekly Saturday Night Tidy-up Hour until the whole place is respectable and everything is where I can get at it
  •   Find a space for the bandsaw
  • Possibly find space for a home gym so I can be fitter without having to breathe other people's rona germs
  • Pull down all my cars, catalog them, photo them, put them away where they're all accessible
  • Consider if I should purchase more car storage boxes (with all the inefficiency involved) or just put all the cars on shelves and deal with the dust and spider problem later
  • Do a video with commentary of my workshop and storage area in case anyone is interested in seeing how my fleet is stored and where it's worked on


  •  Fit the shelving rack that I reluctantly spent £70 on this month so I can start displaying my cars again
  •  Tidy it all up and do a photoshoot
  • Make some dust covers for shelf cars
  • Make a video tour of studio and workshop
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I like this! It makes my list seem short and manageable by comparison.

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Nice, I’m looking forward to this. The length of the list gives me comfort, I’m kinda scared to list my own stuff out, but I think it’ll help the wallet. Might also help when parts arrive from China, remembering what they are for :D 

Perhaps linking to showroom items for finished items?

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That List makes me look absolutely IDLE!! I checked out a couple already, including the CC-01 KBF and Homebrew. Very nice work!!

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14 hours ago, jupitertwo said:

Perhaps linking to showroom items for finished items?

This plan is in the pipeline - actually my TA02 rally car links to the showroom because it is technically (almost) finished.  Also I totally forgot I had a build thread for it.  Will find and update now.

My problem with the showroom is I tend to only add it when the project is completely finished, and no project is ever completely finished.  I like to think of the showroom as a "pristine" area and even feel uncomfortable retrospectively changing photos or descriptions as cars evolve, because I feel that TC should be an immutable repository of information and not something that should change with fashions.  Photobucket would probably disagree with me.

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good luck at revival, sadly ill be missing it again this year, got two cars in the build process for next years event!

true to form looks like the weather is a bit dodgy for the weekend!

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If the current forecast holds true, it will be the best weather we've had for Revival since 2016 ;)

I'm looking at the BBC forecast which says we might get some rain on Sunday afternoon, but otherwise dry.  That said, the BBC forecast has been consistently wrong for the second half of this summer :o 

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UPDATES - arch extension post added to the Budget Bruiser thread, lights post added to the SCX10 G6 thread.

Also added 4 new projecst to the list - Super Hot Shot (bought NIB at last week's Revival meet), Hot Shot (a re-re that's sat dormant for a few years waiting for new shocks and a rebuild), Top Force Evo (raced last weekend and pretty much on its last legs pending total overhaul), MST CFX-W J45C (new build for those long winter months with no family parties and no big events).

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Update - added the Blackfoot 4x4 (which seemed to be missing from here) and ticked an item off the Xray T4F list.

It's 3pm on Workshop Sunday (my first in an age and possibly my last in a while) and I have achieved remarkably little.  I did fit some new shocks to the Blackfoot 4x4 but they are too wide and interfere with the wheels, so the old ones have gone back on.  It's a gorgeous day here and it's England, so who knows when we'll be getting another one like this?  The depressing thing is virtually all of my build stuff involves designing stuff in CAD.  Not that I don't enjoy it - in fact I love it - but I don't want to be shut in a dark studio while the sun is shining outside.

Not sure if I should spend the afternoon sunbathing, or attempting to cut some heavy-duty bottom arms from delrin...

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Update- been a quiet few weeks in the workshop (race events and family holidays got in the way of build time) but I spent a good part of Sunday building a chassis extension to fit upright shocks on my Blackfoot 4x4 project.


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Quick mid-week update to the projects list - ticked off loads of items on the Super Astute list, added a much-belated showroom entry (I happened to have the lights and drape set up for something else this morning so took some photos while it was all there), and also updated the name of the TLT/Axial Hybrid Blackfoot to its official project name, Durandal.

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I’m not going to make a list because it will at least be as big as yours :(

gotta stop buying. Start completing existing projects :rolleyes:

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Fairly quiet week in the workshop for me, I didn't make much use of my evenings for a variety of reasons, and on Sunday morning I decided to head south to the coast for a walk and some fresh air instead of locking myself in the workshop for a whole day.  I figure our illustrious leader may well lock us all in our homes again at some point this winter, no point jumping the gun and doing it myself while I still have the chance to get out.

It was around 3pm by the time I was in the workshop with the tools out, but that was just enough time to modify my FiftyFifty chassis plates and shock towers to make a neater mounting solution


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Bit of a crazy Workshop Sunday for me, starting with the body mounts for FiftyFifty, which took most of the day.  Still a bit to do there, but it's things I can do in front of the TV tomorrow, so until then it's parked.

After that I opened up the rear axle of my Toyota Class 1 scaler, which has been running in 3.25 wheel drive for a while.  The rear spool is plastic, and the slotted driveshaft hole has gone round.  To be fair it's lasted a fair few years including some pretty heavy use at the Scaler Nationals and G6 Recon, but it seems like a weak solution to the problem, so I'm not sure if I should buy a replacement spool (at around £25 it's more pricy than I expected), or find something else that will fit (IIRC the Maverick Scout that donated its axles is based on an AX10, so maybe AX10 gears fit?), or just abandon the Maverick axles altogether and fit something more scale-worthy - RCBitz have some plastic AR60s for under £100, which are slightly narrower than the Scout axles, and should bring those fat alloys under the arches.

Then I did a quick fix of the interior on the SCX10 G6 Jeep, which went well and now looks much better.

I pulled Durandal off the shelf and started playing with the front geometry, which is going to be a longer job.

I also added a project thread for my MST CFX-W, which isn't going to be that exciting and will be full of toddler pics.

Finally, yesterday I made the fateful error of scouring UK websites for JConcepts stock for my SMT-10 build and found there are at last some Clod-size wheels in the country :o so a third of November's budget was blown on wheels, tyres and body for the SMT-10, and today I blew another 3rd of the budget on sway bars and SWB kit from RH Designs.  Also yesterday I had a totally fab idea for a project name for the finished truck, which fits in nicely with my Swords-and-Sorcery theme of Spellbreaker and Durandal and also has links to a friend's brother and an international power metal band.  But we'll have to wait until I start the project before the big reveal :D

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Feels like it's been an age since I last updated this thread, so here's a rundown of what I've been up to.

After spending most of November's budget on JConcepts and RH Designs parts for my future SMT-10 build, my wife and I had a chat about budgets and decided we should probably spend less on toys and more on getting the house up together.  Having a big personal spending budget was OK at the start of Lockdown 1.0 when we just needed to get through and keep ourselves busy, but things have gone on way too long without rebudgeting perhaps it's time to rein it in a bit.  To be fair, she spends just as much money as I do and it wasn't entirely her that started the conversation.

Unfortunately, just as we were beginning to wonder what December would look like with less money to spend on toys, she found herself unwell and is now signed off work, probably until the end of December at least, with no real idea of when she'll be able to go back or if she'll be able to do her old hours straight away.  Which is a bit upsetting right before Christmas, but that's the way things are and there's no point getting all upset over it.

So, I still have some money left to spend in December but I'll be thinking about shelving some of the more expensive projects (things like putting a Beier sound unit in the MAN TGX might take longer to save for and require two or three months of not spending on other projects to achieve) and focussing on how to do the other projects on less money.  My weekly Workshop Sunday has kept me sane through the pandemic but it hasn't been cheap, and even if I'm not buying new kits / bodies / electrics then there's always the sundries like aluminium stock, plastic stock, screws and other hardware, paint, glue, and all that stuff that doesn't seem expensive when you buy one or two items at a time but which always seems to run out at the wrong moment.  But that's what I need to focus on - keeping stocked up on that sort of thing so I can always find something to work on, especially as we come out of Lockdown 2.0 (or rather, following today's announcement, don't so much come out of Lockdown 2.0 as get upgraded to Lockdown 2.1, which has a few more interactive features but they only work outside, and it doesn't have such good virus protection).

So - what have I been up to?

Well, if you've been following the links about you'll know that Durandal got an adjusted wheelbase, nicer geometry and softer CVA shocks, but still needs a battery tray before it officially reaches Runner status.

Fifty-Fifty finally got finished - more or less.  At least, it got a battery strap, body mounts and I found out how to stiffen up the suspension enough to jump it without putting a twist in the arms.  Final feedback will have to wait until it can see a proper track, which could be a long, long time, considering we're still only at the start of winter.

The MST CFX-W is chassis-complete and the body is mostly decaled, but no pics yet and I still have a few little chores to finish off before I take some pre-dirt snaps and make a showroom entry.  Winches and interior will become a weekend project just as soon as I've moved the Grand Hauler Tipper off the workbench.

On that subject, the Tipper now has a functioning 6x6 transmission and the scissor lift is about to get fitted.  That's a job to keep me busy on Sunday.

I'll try to keep this thread more updated as I update my project threads :) 

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Further updates!  Sunday was Ax's Big Workshop Day, the one day in seven where I have no other responsibilities, so I got up bright and early and...   ...got involved in other stuff and didn't even start working on RC projects until gone 10am.

First plan was to mount the lifter mechanism on the grand hauler tipper, which involved taking out the bed from the tipper.  This didn't go to plan.  Further updates and pics in the Grand Hauler thread.

Second was to finish the body mounts and add winches to the new-built CFX-W.  This also didn't go to plan.  Further updates in the MST CFX-W thread.

Third and final was adding tailpipes to the Truck of Many Wheels.  This was a success, which is just as well, since if I can't even manage to glue 4 little pieces of styrene into holes that are just the right size for them then I don't really belong in the workshop anyway.

All in all, not a terribly enjoyable day - I burnt through a fair amount of wood to keep warm and discovered that I'm going to have to spend a fair amount of wedge on these projects to get them finished, wedge I just don't have since my wife is no longer working.  Maybe things will improve in the new year.

At least all my race cars are pretty much ready to get me back on track as soon as clubs re-open, although as yet none of my usual clubs have committed to opening in December, even though our current tier allows it.  So exactly what I'm going to fill my Sundays with from now on remains to be seen...  Watch this space for further updates as and when I find something I can do without spending money :) 

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Sounds like tough times at Ax Towers, hope Mrs Ax gets better soon.

I can see a few freebies on your task list - they aren't the most fun jobs though! As cheap alternatives, how about a scale garage? Or back garden time trials? 

Will we see more of Homebrew vs Hop Up?

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2 hours ago, Badcrumble said:

Sounds like tough times at Ax Towers, hope Mrs Ax gets better soon.

I can see a few freebies on your task list - they aren't the most fun jobs though! As cheap alternatives, how about a scale garage? Or back garden time trials? 

Will we see more of Homebrew vs Hop Up?

Thanks, here's hoping it won't be too long a road :) things are tough but they could be way worse, and they are way worse for plenty of other people right now, so I'm trying to be positive and thankful for what we've got.

There are some jobs I can do for free, you're right though there's a lot of chaff in there that I don't enjoy so much.  There's other projects still up in storage that haven't seen the light of day in years, I can progress them so far without spending anything, but once they get to the "parts list" stage it gets a bit depressing.  Depending where we are in January I might think about thinning the collection, I've got way to much to store anyway!

I've got half of what I need for hop-up vs homebrew, I have all the expensive hop-up stuff, but I still need to source some suitable shocks for Homebrew.  Actually on Saturday afternoon I reassembled the shocks that came on my very first CC01, which was heavily used and modified and was the original inspiration for this thread.  The front and rear shocks are different sizes and brands, and part of me wanted to keep the build a bit more tidy - I wanted some narrow coilovers like modern scalers have - but if I scavenge parts for now I can at least progress the thread and maybe fit new shocks later once things are a bit easier.

Once that's done then I'm probably out of hop-ups anyway, I didn't really want to get into planetary gearboxes and the like, but I always planned to rebody both cars (I already have both bodies in storage so that's a low-cost option).  Then homebrew will continue to evolve as I discover new things I can do with it.

I always wanted to add a 3rd car with entirely 3D printed parts (I even started designing an entire new front end to replace the brick) but I don't think it's possible with resin and I don't like to keep "borrowing" my mate's FDM printer.

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A bit more positivity in today's update :)

As it was the first weekend officially out of Lockdown 2.0 (and unofficially in Lockdown 2.1) I had planned on going out somewhere alone just for the sake of it, but when it came to it I actually realised I wanted to stay home and make progress on some projects.  Well, actually, I'd have liked to go racing, but there was no racing on besides a RWD challenge about 5 hours drive away that I didn't have an eligible car for, so I passed up on that and lit the log fire instead.

Firstly, I went and found the motor and gearbox assembly for the Grand Hauler tipper, which I couldn't find last week.  Read about my progress here:


Then, having ordered some cheap winch controllers from Banggood, I got started installing the front winch servo to the CFX-W.  Catch up on the latest in this thread:



Not a whole lot more to report other than that I've got my enthusiasm for projecting back.  I've spent December's budget on bits I need to finish the CFX-W, which is OK because it's the latest new-build in the fleet and I bought it to drive, not to put on the shelf and look at.  And there's still plenty of stuff I can do that doesn't need spending money on.  For that matter, there's a lot I can do in front of a screen if it's too cold to be in the workshop, as I've got through a fair amount of firewood already and we haven't even had any really cold days yet.  Plus I seem to be getting my interest back for creating music as well, and there's lots of stuff needs finishing.  Having so much stuff I can do makes me a bit more excited about having the time to do it :)

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I didn't get my workshop day this weekend as I took the opportunity to get out in the sunshine instead.  Life at the moment involves a lot of being stuck indoors without being able to see the sky, so when the forecast for Sunday was good, I decided to take a trip to the coast before Headmaster Johnson puts us all in detention again.  Also had a little mini-meet with the CFX-W and gave it a good run.  Pics here:


I also ran the TXT-1 on a shale beach, where it ran really well for about 2 minutes until the driveshafts came loose again.  So I've added a project heading for TXT-1 and a single job to resolve that problem.

I also added the Hotshot-rere as a project heading, because I have decided I will rebuilt it in 2021 with a custom chassis and run it as my 4wd entry in the Revival, giving the Top Force a bit of a rest for a while.  Also as I have a Super Hot Shot re-re to build, that will be a 'spare' car in case my custom chassis car gets broken.  Having a spare car takes a lot of stress out of a major vintage race meet.

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It's been a while since my last update, but I have managed to have a few days in the workshop since then.  First day was Sunday 27th, the family were occupied watching Christmas films so I went out and got some things done.

First I fixed the broken servo on the CFX-W


Then I started painting the wheels for the long-neglected TA02 Celica project


Then I sorted some lights and hired a driver for my Truck of Many Wheels


The following Tuesday I started building my SMT10 and had trouble with a bearing that wouldn't fit


I then got another day to myself on New Year's Eve, when I finished off the Celica wheels and then caught up with Adam and Nigel's F150 build



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