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Workshop Sunday updates!

I spend most of the day finishing the battery tray for Durandal, then took the time to tidy up the electrics and even had a bash around the lawn while it was dry


Then I thought about adding more paint to my CFX-W driver, but he needed some filling around his shoulders, so I did that.  Very dull update here.


It was a little bit late in the afternoon once that was done, so I did a few quick jobs.  First I popped the shocks off the front of the Super Astute and took out the spacers to grant more shock travel - now there's almost as much downward travel on the front as there is on the rear, which is nice.  It definitely felt more controllable around the garden and less likely to understeer on power or over bumps as the front wheels leave the ground.  That probably explains my terrible performance at the Revival this year.  There's no build thread for the Super Astute, so no photo updates.

I thought I'd have a look at putting a rear winch on the SCX10, but it was a bit too much to do in one afternoon.  Ideas here.


Finally I had a look at installing my new ARB axles on my Budget Bruiser (which is really no longer a budget build).  This again was way too much work for the afternoon but it was good to get a head-start on what I might be doing next Sunday and I've already had plenty of ideas of how to proceed.


And finally - for nobody's benefit but my own - I tend to have music on all day when I'm in the shop, and I thought it might be interesting to read back through this in a year or so and not only remember what I was working on but what I was listening to, so here's Sunday's playlist:

The day started with the Dirtchamber Sessions by Liam Howlett of The Prodigy - this was half-finished in Poweramp from when I called it a day the previous week.  Keeping the hiphop turntablist vibe alive, I went with the Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty, which isn't really my usual listening material but it's good fun to have on.  After that I went a bit darker with Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth - one of my all-time favourite albums, but although the ancient Wharfedales are ably driven by the old Sony hi-fi amp, their position up near the ceiling robs them of their impressive bass response and they're not really big enough to fill the workshop, so some of the lowest frequencies tend to wander off somewhere and never get found again.  Now I was intending to keep it hiphop and maybe scroll over to some Bomfunk MCs, but my swiping stopped on The Annual III by Ministry of Sound, so that got a playthru instead.  After that I grabbed a recording of HOSH playing live in India at the end of 2019 for a Cercle gig - this recording (along with Worakls and Jan Blomqvist, also both performing live Cercle gigs) have gone round and around on my weekends for the last year, and it's been strange to listen to stuff that was recorded so recently and yet in crowded settings that we haven't had for so long that they feel like we might never see them again.  Cercle have facilitated some fabtastic socially-distant live recordings this year at remote venues in the country or on mountains, by the Great Pyramid, even on a hot air balloon.  In a year where we've had to give up so much of what we took for granted, it's been so uplifting to see musicians out there still performing live and in beautiful places, even if their audience is now on the other end of a screen.

More RC building to follow next Sunday - watch this space :)

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