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Tamiya Era

(OP): Tamiya Egress 2013 with Avante re-re Body Set

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Hi Everyone,

Glad had some time to be in-here with you guys. It has been long time :)

Well, just to refresh the old memories with this build ( made in 2013) one of my most beautiful build after the vintage experiences of course ;) 


Please do post your Egress/Avante Re-re 






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Happy to find you well, Tamiya Era. Mine re re Egress is still in the box from 2014, optional bodywork included. Very nice and clean your building

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TamiyaEra, that’s a very nice build and after seeing your numerous posts, I know you have a deep knowledge of all things Avante/Egress related. 

I bought an Egress in the summer and after doing lots of research and seeing @SteveB post about a TRF Edition Top Force, I thought about a TRF style Egress. Coincidentally this was also the same time Tamiya Legends also did his version. 

Prior to the build, I sourced a multitude of TRF parts - titanium turnbuckles, fluorine bearings, ceramic balls for the diffs, blue alloy hexes, assorted blue hardware and Yeah Racing alloy front and rear hubs. The TRF paintwork was done by Attack RC in Spain and I think he did an amazing job. Having only recently built a Hornet and Hotshot and having a Fox back when I was a kid, it was a very engaging build.










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I’m almost certain I am going to do my repro 2001 shell white after seeing yours. It makes the glow yellow pop like a mofo

 it was a toss up between white and black special month are nice but blue is too, and gunmetal and silver! Lol

badically this Bodyshell cannot look bad 

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Also.. If you don’t want to have lots of cars I think egress chassis is the best value because you can fit several different bodyshell and wheels to make replicas of fully hopped up cars from back in the day. Including.. 




also black special is an option 

you can rotate shells to mix it up 

best rerelease ever 

plus my titanium screws. Alloy hubs .centre diff. Alloy steering make it so hopped it it’s ridiculous and bz motor matches screws perfectly 

fit a modern cpr unit 

best car ever! 

ihave all 4 and like to mix and match parts to make hybrid cars 



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