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Hey guys. Currently doing a df-03 refurb... Could do with some help. 

Which oil do you use in your dampers, they're aluminum, I'll be mainly bashing, local field? 

What grease are you using on the front and rear ball diffs? Brands? 

What grease are you using elsewhere? 

Need to replace a few components too, sheared the ball head king pin, now part of it is stuck... And ideas on how to remove it, I'm thinking of drilling it out. 

There's a small part, d5 on the part tree, when I was removing is to get to the spring in the diff, the part disintegrated, I think it may have been over tightened. 

Also, the ball thrust bearing is being super difficult to get out, one of them came out super easy, but it was disgusting, see the pic below. 

Also need to replace the diff sponges, they're all either rock hard up like powder! Not sure whether to get the sponge bag, or just get the kit gear bag. Anyone use alternatives? 

The diff was so crunchy! 

Really enjoying doing a refurb, stripped the DI right back... Doesn't look like too many standard screws were used by the previous guy when he was adding the hop ups. 




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[1]  Shock oil :

It would depend on what kind of shocks you have.  But in general I use Tamiya medium or light set.  But it's personal taste.  Tamiya instruction tends to give you harder spring and shock setting.  But not for DT03. Its rear springs are too soft.  Assuming spring rate is fine, you'll just have to go with a drop test for shock oil. 

Lift the car up like 10 inches, drop it.  If springs don't react much, the oil is too heavy.  If the chassis bottom out then the spring is too soft, and oil is too light.  You would go for the most stable combination.  The springs would compress enough (generally about half) to absorb the shock. But it would rebound once quickly enough.  If it bobs up and down, the oil is too light.   

[2]  Ball Diffs: 

For buggies, I use plumber's faucet grease that any hardware store would sell for about $4.  Ball diff grease Tamiya sells is originally designed for on-road cars, I think faucet grease does better (as unsexy as it sounds).  It is designed not to get washed out in hot and cold water.  It will stick around and ball diff is far less likely to slip.  I used it on DN-01 and I need to tighten less and the Limited Slip Differential effect is easier to control and stronger.  https://smile.amazon.com/Waterproof-Silicone-Grease-1-Pack-88693/dp/B000DZFUPC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=faucet+grease&qid=1600630225&sr=8-3

[3]  Gear grease: 

I ended up setting for plastic safe Teflon grease designed for model trains.  Very little resistance and it sticks around for decades. (My first tube was used on Wild Willy 2, 18 years ago, still going strong)  If you are going Teflon, this much grease is all you need.  ItuZ7BQ.jpg


I use 106 for everything, slightly stickier 206 for the pinion.  But there are many different greases you can use, just don't use this much.  

[4]  Thrust bearings:

The go-to grease is Tamiya molybdenum grease.  But I'm thinking @Carmine A's Anti-Seize grease might work well. If you are not going with Teflin, you might use this for the pinion gear.  It's a grease designed to stick around, just like Tamiya molybdenum grease. (and a while lot cheaper too. I should get a tube and test it around) 

Come to think of it, I should have just given you the link... 

it wasn't long ago... let me look up... 


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Thank you so much @Juggular!!  I appreciate that. 

I've discovered AND just tested, another use for the Anti Seize Lubricant. For a Hoot... and because I was out of any Diff Oil, I nearly Filled the Front Diff of my TT-02 with the AS Lube. 

Seriously, it acts nearly the same as 8000-9000wt CST Diff Oil!! 😊 

Remember, this stuff is $4-5.00 USD for a full ounce, compared to LESS than a teaspoon of AW Grease for MORE Money!!  

AND for our many UK Friends, my dear Friend in the Midlands asked me to find some there...  I did, under a different Brand Name, on Amazn - £10, FREE Shipping, in a pot over 30x larger than the pot of AW Grease!! 😲😊

Again, I checked MSDS Sheets on both AW Grease and Anti Seize Lubricant... SAME Chemical composition, an Aluminum based Lubricant designed to STAY wherever you apply it! 👍👍

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9 minutes ago, Tamps said:

@Juggular @Carmine A I appreciate you. I know this info will help many others too. 🙏

My pleasure!! It's WHY I, @Juggular, and many others here are happy to help. Knowledge is WASTED if you keep it to yourself!! 😉

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