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WANTED: Pro-Line Dirt Hawg II 2.2 Tyres x4

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As per the title, I am after a set of 4 Pro-Line Dirt Hawg II 2.2in tyres (below), or a set of 4 Pro-Line Trencher T 2.2 Truck Tyres, for my Tamiya Aqroshot.

I do know these fit the Aqroshot wheels as I've seen several photos of these tyres attached to the standard Aqroshot wheels, and I would like to upgrade the current tyres as they very little traction, pretty much on any surface.

I originally purchased some Schumacher Stagger Rib tyres, that was I was led to believe would fit after reading several (other) RC forums, but unfortunately they do not fit at all as the diameter of the inner side of the tyre is far too large (I didn't know this, as I had not seen a single photo showing both sides of the tyre).

So if anyone has 4 of these tyres, in good condition, they don't have to be brand new, let me know. Would prefer a UK location, but will consider anywhere in Europe as long as the price is right! Let me know what you'd like for them and we'll try to come sort of arrangement! 

Please and thank you!


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