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TRF 801X Refresh/Upgrade

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Ive always been a big fan of 1/8 Nitro.  When I was a little kid I was infatuated with the Burns and Turbo Burns.  When I got back into RC my first entry into modern RC was a TMAXX and then a Revo 3.3.  Once I ran out of upgrade parts for the REVO to alow me to keep up with the growing  1/8 Truggy Class the TRF 801XT was hitting its stride, and I got one.  I fell in love with it and purchased the 801X here a few years latter from Tamiya USA's scrath and dent site.  Powered by a budget LRP .28 and set up based on build articles that were on the Tamiya USA site the 801x and T were competitive right out of the box.  Ive since converted the XT to Brushless, the 801X is and wil remain nitro, I love having both and I dont want to get rid of one of its signature aspects, the tilted engine mount

As you all know Tamiya has ceased development of the 801s, a shame they were REALLY GOOD and rugged, a little over built and complicated (gearboxes for one, accessing the diffeentials are a chore).  Tamiya spares are hard to come by, some day Ill want to maybe shelf this ( I am still running my childhood RCs, now with my son so unlikely) so because of that Ive been on the hunt to find spare to upgrade/modernize the car in order to keep it cometitive and save the hard to find Tamiya parts. 

Here is as it sits, the body is for a MP8 by biddy designs, pre-painted.

Onroad tires for culdesac duty via ebay.


Box of goodies via Amain Hobbies.............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................


So whats in there??

A new Throttle servo because I pirated its twin that was serving duty as a steering servo for my black special Clod, Kyosho MP9 front and rear arms (the rear arms feature more tuning options to boot), lossi 15mm shock blatters, and a new Force Painted Biddy body meant for, you guessed it a MP9.  


Here are how the Kyosho hard MP9 front arms compare to the Tamiyas.  The kyosho arms feel like Nylon compared to the Tamiya Carbon reinforced ones.  The Tamiya ones are fine, and give good steering, just wanted to see what I could do. First glance they are near 1:1.  Kyosho offers different leveles of hardness, so opens up more tuning options and the ability to use Kyosho knuckels, CVD, etc.....if they work.



A little massaging is all thats needed to make these arms fit.  The area where the Tamiya Hub drops needs to machined a little in order to alow full droop, same for the area next to the screw that controls droop in order to get the same droop as the factory set up. The other areas circled are for the sway bar mount and shock attatchment point, a little massaging is all thats needed. 


After about 5 minutes, vola drop in new arms that open up more tuning potential.



There is alot more to come, stay tuned!

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Looks good so far. Should the title be "Refresh"?

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