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Mod. Touring Advice- TRX419 vs TA07 MR

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Hi All. Would love some advice on touring cars. I've mainly focused on buggies this past while, but I'm looking to get into club racing, specifically the modified touring class. I've been looking at the following 2 (or 3) buggies, and don't really know how best to jump in and the pros/cons of each model. here goes...whats the main difference, pros/cons for the TRF419, the TA09RR and the TA09MS? Not really concerned about price, but want to make sure what I buy has support but will also be competitive. I would assume the TRF419 is probably the best of the bunch (I always wanted to buy a TRF model) but as I look thorugh, the TA09MS looks like it is newer, more advanced and is the next evolution of the TRF419. Its also pretty sweet looking. 

What are the main differences? Anyone have any advice for me?



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