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Honda CB750 Racer

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As the kit is one of the original kits 0603, the pieces are all ove 40 years old. So far the plastic seems OK and sticking well, using the Tamiya cement. The problem is the decals. They are that old the white background has yellowed. I tried to put one on the front mudguard. I cut it out and put it in a saucer of water . It curled up as I would expect, but when it unfurled the actual decal was split in several places so was unusable.I tried some of the others and the larger number decals survived but the thin attached ones didn’t. Even when I cut out the second number decal and just used the number and applied it to a flat surface. Despite the decal going on unbroken and looked perfect, when it dried out there was no adhesion and it fell off. 
Has anyone any idea wher I can get replacement decals from? I have a second kit to do from the last batch, 06003 and the decals in that kit look OK, but I would like to get new ones fo that as well.

Do you know of anyone who manufactures decals, either the waterslide type or thin sticky backed vinyl ones on a base sheet.

Bill W.

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