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Contemplating something different... but what?

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I've been at it for about as long as you. A few years back  I bought a 3d printer,  & a CNC  and started making custom parts for my cars.   Now that added an extra dimension to my RC hobby!

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On 11/12/2020 at 10:19 PM, markbt73 said:

So last night, I dug out my MF-01X chassis, with the intent of setting it up as a rally car. I have everything I need to do it, including an unpainted VW Golf body that will work nicely (it's a tight squeeze over the motor in the back, but it fits if you persuade it a little). It should turn out to be a pretty cool little car when it's all done.

While I was digging out parts for it, I came across a lot of other half-finished projects, or things I bought with the intent of turning them into something, but never did. And in almost every case, I have nearly everything I need for that project, but not quite. I set them aside because I was missing one critical bit, or something frustrated me and I lost steam and put it away "for later," or something similar. I found half a dozen or so such unfinished projects, piles of potential yet to be realized, either due to my own fickle attention span, or lack of funds to do them "right."

And then I looked up at my shelf of so-called "runners" and saw that half of them actually had dust on them. Not outside dust from having fun; inside dust from sitting. And that's when the realization hit: What on Earth am I doing thinking about buying something else? Eventually it will either end up in pieces in a storage drawer, or covered in dust on a shelf. I have enough cars; what I need to do is pay better attention to them.

So instead of buying something new, I'm going to pick 2 or 3 projects that I really wanted to do, and finish them. I'll use the money I would have spent on a new kit on parts and supplies, and do these projects the right way instead of trying to half-you-know-what them. And while I'm working on those, I'm going to concentrate on 2 or 3 runners, and try to wear out some tires.

Stay tuned... this could get interesting.

This is an excellent idea. Every so often I take the same approach with my fleet. Rather than getting a new kit, I go through my models and see if anything can be done to make any of them any better. Even those that are finished and running often have more to give in terms of project satisfaction. Please keep us posted about your progress!

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