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Doc Hollywood

Tamiya sand scorcher body/engine questions

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Hi All hope you are all staying safe

I have not used my sand scorcher in a while as it kept flipping over on grass yet I were not going to fast but I think it might be because of the solid axle so I will be fitting a ball diff.

Because it kept rolling over it has broken the exhaust off and mangled the wire antenna. so I were thinking about buying it a dummy engine as they look great and add realism but I do not know which one would be best, also how do they fit as I think some just slot in so would have thought they would move.

Also I have a spare body but don't really know what colour to do it so were looking for a bit of advice. I do like the box art shells but I do not have the confidence to do one. I found an XB one I think on eBay but he said he wanted around £300 for it are they worth that sort of money I thought they were worth more around £100.

Any advice is welcomed and appreciated :)

Regards Doc  

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The rear spool is actually something of a good thing on high-grip surfaces. Under power the understeer is so bad that it almost wont turn at all. Which is good because a roll at full speed could completely destroy the body.

If you want to turn, you have to slow down and slow down a lot to avoid rolling it. Fitting a diff will just make it turn better and make a roll at high speed more likely.


Like the full size vehicle, the on-road handling is dreadful. A combination of high ground clearance, very basic suspension and an engine fairly high up behind the rear axle do not make for a good handling car. But these same

characteristics made it surprisingly competent off-road, or at least on farm tracks and rural unpaved roads. Which was a good thing like it was for the Citroen 2CV.

So when these cars were changing hands for a few pints of beer, they made a great starting base for a inexpensive dune buggy. Some of the off-road ability was already there.

Making one into a good road car is rather more difficult. It would be better and cheaper to use something else. Same for the 1/10th version really.


£100 seems too cheap to me for an XB body. It cost me more than that to buy and paint my spare body in box-art colours. I think I've spent around £900 or so on my rere Scorcher to date. So if I wanted a box-art body and couldn't or didn't want to paint

my own I wouldn't even blink at £300 for a rare XB one, unless Tamiya started selling them again.

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