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MF-01x Jimny, unending project

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4 hours ago, Juggular said:

Lol... "skipped leg day" look... well said.  

I like the paint scheme.  I've been into orange color for about 10 years, but your color looks very good.   

Having seen what you've done, when portal gears are available, I want to experiment too.   

Thanks for sharing. I might get those soft springs. I have a feeling that I might need them. 


Thanks again!


The color is a 70’s Pea Green Metallic from Testors/Model Master that has since been discontinued and a spray on bedliner from a company called Duplicolor.

For the portals, I just bought the Monster Beetle Trail kit straight from Tamiya USA for less than $200, probably would have been cheaper this way, plus I gave me a base for my Wild Willy 4x4 build (that required the purchase of a WW2 kit, and extra pair of rear wheels and stub axles) and reused the bearings I already had in the Jimny. You do need 1.9” wheels and to fit the body, 0* offset sedan wheels or adjustable wheels like the Boom Racing ones I’m using to minimize tire rub. I am thinking of star cutting the tire foams so I can get a better footprint.

For the springs I bought, I’m using the lightest set in the bag, kinda wish I had known of them when I started the kit 6 years, as anything else I’ve tried was too stiff.

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