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Baja King Steering rod / turnbuckle help

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Hi Folks

After a very long time, I am restoring my Baja King but one of the front wheels points out a little, as the original steering rod are fixed, I sourced an adjustable turnbuckle. 
The problem is that the new adjustable ends are a fraction to big to fit onto the servo arm.

What is the best option here?

1) find a small replacement end, if so where from?

2) a replacement larger servo arm, if so where from?

3) a small bridging bracket, some sort of handmade bodge.

4) any other suggestions.

hopefully can draw from some experience from you good folks!





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Can you put small (M2 or M3 thread) bolt and nut through the ball ends into the servo saver?


ignore above,I see what you mean - they are hitting each other? Maybe a larger servo saver. Kimbrough do some:



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I'm going to do the same thing on my TL01B.  I'm going to try the DT03 turnbuckle set 54572 as I think this might have all I need for steering and upper arms.


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