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Have had this one for some time now and it spent about a year on the shelf, started working on it again recently.

Chassis: CrossRC HC6
Motor: CrossRC 45t
ESC: Hobbywing QuicRun 1080
Steering servo: PowerHD 20KG
Shift servo: Axial 8kg servo (came as steering servo in my RR10 Bomber)
Pretty big box!


Gearbox and axles are all full metal and pretty heavy!

Front axle:

Rear axles:



2-speed gearbox:



Attached everything to the chassis:


Started on the electronics:


And finished the electronics, it has switchable headlights and working brake lights:


Finished the body:


And at this point it was placed on the shelf and sat there for almost a year as I had other priorities...

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Started on it again last month.

Finished the interior:


Installing the ESS One+ sound module:


Replacing the receiver and connecting the sound module:


Painted the grill black, I didn't like it all red:


And this is how it is standing now.

Waiting for a receiver and some servo extension wires.
Also thinking of something to place over the sound module.

Wanting some new tires, probably the ProLine Grunt, the stock tires are very stiff.

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I recently discovered CrossRC recently and their stuff looks pretty impressive. 
I discovered they are out of the town in Wisconsin I used to live in, also.

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Very nice, love the color you went with.  Wheels look great in white as well.  I have a couple Cross trucks, but my father is a Cross nut.  He has the HC6, MC8, PG4A, Demon, and recently built the Mammoth BC8.  That thing is a beast.  Not shelf queens either, takes them on the trail quite often and submerges them in creeks, mud, etc.  I think he's nuts but he doesn't care, just wants to have a good time.

Agreed on the stock tires, not the greatest compound but they do surprisingly well on the trail.  I'd say the HC6 can tackle just a bit more terrain than a 1:1 version could, very scale.  Obviously it would do well with some super sticky crawler tires, but they are quite realistic as far as looks & performance when speaking in scale terms.  

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The wheels came white stock, and really liked the look so left them white hah, for the car itself I wanted something other than box art, about 90% of them are already built box art.

I reallyreallyreally wanted the Mammoth BC8, but just couldn't justify the cost for one of those :blink:

This one will be no shelf queen also, but I won't drive it crazy hard either, that's what I have my TRX4 for.
It will be used for trailing and forest mainly, not the mud, wet, and extremely steep hills I drive my TRX4 on.

Stock tires aren't bad, but had some issues on the surfaces I tested it on so far, so I want to try some different tires to see how it handles.

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